JPIs to Co Work

coworkThe main objective of JPIs To Co-Work has been to provide Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI), as transnational research programmes, with elements to better implement specific functions known as “Framework Conditions” (FC). FC as defined in the document “Voluntary Guidelines on Framework Conditions for Joint Programming in Research 2010” include peer review, forward looking activities, evaluation of joint programmes, funding, dissemination and use of findings, and intellectual property rights. In a broader sense, we intended to promote the best contribution of JPIs to the priorities of the European Research Area within the strategy Europe 2020.

JPIs To Co-Work has organized two types of activities:

  • One has been to review existing documents and experiences.
  • The second has been a process of exchange and mutual learning between all running JPIs.

The project has provided a forum for discussion, exchange of experiences and best practices regarding FC that resulted in a process of mutual learning amongst JPIs. We tried to make our own contribution to a positive development of FC in all JPIs, and to support the research community (funding programme owners, research policy makers, researchers, stakeholders) with a common language and operational instruments regarding Joint Programming Initiatives. We included governance, ex-ante evaluation and innovation as additional topics in our work, as candidates to be added to the list of framework conditions for a complete joint programme development.