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Consejo Europeo de Innovación (EIC). Cuestionario para su diseño

La Comisión Europea ha lanzado un cuestionario, de tres preguntas, para el diseño de un Consejo Europeo de Innovación (EIC) que apoyará a los innovadores más prometedores de Europa. La consulta estará abierta hasta el 29 de abril. El marco de este Consejo queda plasmado en lo siguiente:

«Europe has excellent science, but we lack disruptive market-creating innovation. This is what is needed to turn our best ideas into new jobs, businesses and opportunities.» While the number of start-ups created in Europe is on a par with competitors such as the United States, Europe lags behind in disruptive innovation and in scaling start-ups into world-beating businesses. A European Innovation Council could contribute to solving this problem”

Aquí tenéis el objetivo de esta convocatoria:

“It is important that the design of the European Innovation Council is based on the best possible ideas and evidence from all interested parties (notably business, entrepreneurs, academia, national and regional authorities, representative bodies). The Commission is therefore seeking the views of stakeholders, including via this online Call for Ideas. An analysis of the responses will be published by June 2016 and feed into any possible proposals that the Commission will discuss with Member States and the European Parliament”.

También se puede adjuntar un documento de posición.