EULAC-PerMed is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded by the European Commission, whose main objective is to strengthen the cooperation on Personalised Medicine between Europe and the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region.

For this, it is crucial to integrate new countries of LAC region into the International Consortium of Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed), a platform to initiate and support communication and exchange on Personalised Medicine research, funding and implementation at global level.

EULAC PerMed will contribute to the success and long-term impact of PerMed research activities promoted in the framework of ICPerMed. This will lead to a faster uptake of the achievements in the field of PerMed.

Partners of EULAC-PerMed Consortium:

  • ISCIII – Institute of Health Carlos III (Spain) – Coordinator
  • DLR – German Aerospace Center (Germany)
  • FIOCRUZ – Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Brazil)
  • Ministry of Health (Italy)
  • CONICYT – National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (Chile)
  • Innovatec (España)
  • ECRIN – European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (France)
  • ANII – National Research and Innovation Agency (Uruguay)
  • GORGAS – The Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies (Panama)
  • Ministry of Health (Israel)
  • SGCTeIP – Secretary of Science, Technology & Productive Innovation (Argentina)

For more information, visit and follow LinkedIn EULAC-PerMed.