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H2020. SC1: Salud, cambio demográfico y bienestar (Call 2019)

Convocatoria del 2019 para el Reto Social 1 de Horizonte 2020 (H2020)

La Comisión europea (CE) ha abierto ya la convocatoria en el Reto Social 1: Salud,  para 2019

– Propuestas de proyectos en dos fases (cierre de la 1ª Fase, el 2 de octubre 2018)

– Propuestas en una sola fase. Fechas de cierre:
Topics BHC/HCO  el 16 de abril de 2019
Topics DTH/HCC  el 24 de abril de 2019
Topics DT/TDS      el 14 de noviebre 2018

Topics abiertos en la convocatoria 2019

  • SC1-BHC-01-2019: Understanding causative mechanisms in co- and multimorbidities combining mental and non-mental disorders (4-6 M€/proyecto; 12-17 proyectos – total 70 M€)
  • SC1-BHC-02-2019: Systems approaches for the discovery of combinatorial therapies for complex disorders (4-6 M€/proyecto; 8-12 proyectos – total 50 M€)
  • SC1-HCO-01-2018-2019-2020: Actions in support of the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (1,5-2M€; 3 proyectos – total 8 M€ – 1 proyecto/año)
  • SC1-HCO-01-2018-2019-2020: Actions in support of the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (1,5-2M€; 3 proyectos – total 8 M€ – 1 proyecto/año)
  • SC1-BHC-30-2019: Towards risk-based screening strategies in non-communicable diseases
  • SC1-BHC-31-2019: Pilot actions to build the foundations of a human cell atlas)
  • SC1-BHC-07-2019: Regenerative medicine: from new insights to new applications (6-8M€; 6-8 proyectos – total 50 M€)
  • SC1-BHC-10-2019: Innovation Procurement: Next generation sequencing (NGS) for routine diagnosis (9-11 M€; 3-4 proyectos – total 40 M€) PCP funding scheme
  • SC1-BHC-13-2019: Mining big data for early detection of infectious disease threats driven by climate change and other factors ( 12-15 M€; 2-3 proyectos – total 30 M€)
  • SC1-BHC-14-2019: Stratified host-directed approaches to improve prevention, treatment and/or cure of infectious diseases (6-10 M€; 10-16 proyectos – total 95 M€)
  • SC1-BHC-18-2019: Translational collaborative cancer research between Europe and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States(CELAC) (2-4M€; 6-12 proy. –total 25 M€)
  • SC1-BHC-19-2019: Implementation research for maternal and child health (2-4M€; 6-12 proyectos – total 25 M€)
  • SC1-BHC-32-2019: Towards a next generation influenza vaccine to protect citizens worldwide – an EU-India collaboration
  • SC1-HCO-15-2019: Support for the functioning of the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness (GloPID-R)
  • OA-10-2018-2019: InnovFin Infectious Diseases (InnovFin ID)
  • Grant to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)
  • SC1-BHC-22-2019: Mental health in the workplace (2-4 M€; 7-15 proyectos – total 30 M€)
  • SC1-BHC-25-2019: Demonstration pilots for implementation of personalised medicine in health care (18 – 20 M€; 3 proyectos – total 60 M€)  IA Funding scheme
  • SC1-BHC-28-2019: The Human Exposome Project: a toolbox for assessing and addressing the impact of environment on health (8-12M€; 4-6 proyectos – total 50 M€)
  • SC1-DTH-01-2019: Big data and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status and quality of life after the cancer treatment (3-5 M€; 5-7 proyectos – total 35 M€)
  • SC1-DTH-05-2019: Large scale implementation of digital innovation for health and care in an ageing society (2-5 M€; 2-5 proyectos – total 10 M€) PPI Funding scheme
  • SC1-DTH-09-2019: Scaling up the univocal Identification of Medicinal Products (5-8 M€; 2-4 proyectos – total 19 M€) (IA funding scheme))
  • SC1-DTH-10-2019-2020: Digital health and care services (5-6 M€; 3-4 proyectos – total 22 M€) (PCP funding scheme
  • SC1-DTH-11-2019: Large Scale pilots of personalized & outcome based integrated care (4-6 M€; 3-5 proyectos – total 20 M€) (IA funding scheme)
  • SC1-HCC-02-2019: Support for the large-scale uptake of open service platforms in the Active and Healthy Ageing domain (1,5 M€; 1 proyecto – total 1,5 M€)
  • DT-TDS-01-2019: Smart and healthy living at home (15-20 M€; 3-4 proyectos – total 60 M€)

Más información, así como el acceso telemático, abierto únicamente por ahora para presentación de solicitudes a la 1ª fase (topics BHC), en el siguiente enlace al Portal del Participante de H2020:

Texto convocatoria