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Webinar. Convocatoria extraordinaria virus Zika (H2020-SC1)

El próximo 16 de febrero se celebrará un webinar a las 14:00h donde se informará tanto a los investigadores como a las partes interesadas sobre el alcance y las especificaciones de la convocatoria.

Webinar. Convocatoria extraordinaria virus Zika (H2020-SC1). “Zika virus and the potentially-related neurological complications»
The EC has now pre-published the draft text of its call on its Zika research website. The call is expected to be officially published on 15 March 2016, and the deadline for submission of proposals is expected to be 28 April 2016.

Because of the short deadline for the call, the EC will publish a FAQ in the coming days and the EC is also organising a webinar on 16 February at 14:00 CET. At this webinar they will brief researchers and other interested parties on the scope and specifications of the call, and will answer a number of questions that are submitted to them.

This webinar will be accessible on 16 February at: